Welcome to our shop

We hope to inspire you with a global mix of design and fabric. Explore with us all the different prints and buy handmade fashion which is comfortable to wear. At the same time be part of the solution for a sustainable future.

Close to our heart is a commitment to buy and manufacture all our fabric in Africa. We believe in the huge potential of the continent and also that a real economical growth is depending on TRADE. We hope you will support this aim and join us.

The clothes is manufactured in Accra, Ghana by independent tailors, whose work guarantees the high quality of every single piece. The design is decided by me, Lene Nortoft, who is the owner and creative director.

We have lots of ideas for new designs to make you shine and have a unique look. So please keep an eye on our shop.

Also feel free to contact us for special requests. We enjoy to interact with our customers and will give you a speedy response.

Thank you for stopping by <3