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About us

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I am the founder and designer of The Text Style, and started working with it professionally in 2017. With an educational background of Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology from Aarhus and Copenhagen University, I was able to study in northern Africa for a year as a young student. Having lived abroad and seen the beautiful textiles first hand, I had a desire to make them into clothing for the urban consumer with a scandinavian design philosophy.

My designs took shape after a conversation at a doorstep in Osu, in Accra in Ghana with Bola Bhadmus from Village Gate Studio, who is based there with his small creative workspace. Having an education in design from Nigeria, and years of experience creating clothes, he was perfect to start a collaboration with in mutual interest. Later I also began to source from other parts of Africa, as I found an opportunity to source organic cotton in Burkina Faso from the small sustainable textile and slow fashion company Xoomba. The latest addition is an organic cotton collection designed by me and dyed with natural colours by a bogolan artist from Mali.

In 2020 I started designing jewelry from recycled glass beads handmade manually in Ghana using traditional techniques. I make the finished earrings myself in Denmark.

As a young student I was an activist in the fair trade movement in Denmark from the very beginning of it. So naturally my approach was that of making a real difference for the manufacturers in Africa through this work. I was later to learn the scope of how big a change we can make through our fashion choices. All our items now and in the future are a source of work and income for the people involved. We believe in the creation of jobs locally in Africa through fair trade.

When I am not busy with The Text Style, I spend time with family and friends. I love going out for brunch or concerts and travelling to warmer countries like Ghana or France socializing and learning.

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Welcome here! 

Lene Nortoft
The Text Style