About us

We love african print and african fashion. Our online shop opened on April 1st 2017. Our business started out from a conversation at a doorstep in Osu, in Accra, Ghana as a collaboration between:

Village (design & manufacturIng) based in Accra, Ghana.
Lene (design & marketing) based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Village has years of experience creating clothes for any customer knocking his door in Accra, Ghana. This is a guarantee of the high quality of every single piece. Village has an eye on the newest trends and also brings his own creativity into working with every fabric to make a unique design for you to wear.

Lene has a MA of Middle Eastern Studies/ Anthropology from Aarhus and Copenhagen University. Having lived abroad and being curious about other cultures and lifestyles, this shop is a life-long dream to make a difference.

Made in Africa
This statement and policy is essential to our brand. We buy our fabric mainly at local markets in and around Accra but also have started to buy from other parts of Africa. All our items now and in the future are a source of work and income for the people involved. The african continent is rich of so many things and right now we see a very promising future for all to bring this richness to the global scene.

To sum all this up - we believe in fair trade.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.