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Product care

Clothes and Accessories

When you care for your new clothes and accessories they will last longer. The more times you wear your clothes the less negative impact on the climate. Many styles are created with the intention of versatility meaning you can combine them and wear them depending on your wish and the age of the garment. A shirtdress can be used also as a jacket or as a home garment, when it gets older.

Wash your clothes at 30-40 degrees in a machine or by hand. Avoid tumbling to dry but rather air dry to keep it in the original shape and form. If you want to iron your clothes, do it at the lowest temperature necessary at medium heat. Also try to wear without ironing to consume less electricity and contribute to having a climate friendly lifestyle.



When you care for your jewelry it will last longer and you are protecting the climate by consuming less. Try to always put on the small plastic lock you received with your earrings. This way you don´t risk of losing one while you are wearing them.

Keep the beautiful shine of your jewelry by taking them off while you sleep. Avoid to wear them when you shower, clean, swim, do sports and other similar activities. Also try to avoid contact with creme, hair spray, perfume etc. We advice you to keep them stored while not using them in a dry place, where they will not be exposed to humid air.

You can brighten up the glass beads with a thin layer of clean oil carefully avoiding the metal parts of the jewelry.